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I am new around here... I'm 18 and in college as a design major for fashion. I can truly say that fashion became my "passion" about two years ago, which is why I chose to start down this career path.

Let's see... I'm 18, gay and a college student, so I hardly waer anything extremely expensive, unless I save up. For now, without a professional job, I wear a lot of brandname like Express & Guess, only because I like the polished look, and all that. It's the way I like to design... pretty, ladylike and sophisticated. Think Paris Hilton meets Audrey Hepburn.

A few of my favorite top designers are D&G, Heatherette, DSquared, Prada & Luca Luca, among others.

I'm just another bed-headed guy in eyeliner trying to make it in a glam world.

I'm sorry that this post had no actual meaning.
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