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Our personality shines through

right down to our manicured tootsies.

The personification of style
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*** This is a new community so please invite your friends! ***

This community is for people with their own sense of style... one that may or may not jive with the general public.

This community is moderated by themaydecember.

Let's follow the rules and get along shall we?


This is a friendly community, but there is a huge difference between style and trends or wearing utter crap. Please, don't post your latest Britney inspired pigtails and expect to be oohed and ahhed over. This is about you being YOU. You may get some slack or you may be applauded... don't take it too personally. Remember opinions are like assholes...

2) If you're posting pics please do so behind an lj-cut. See here to learn how. Also, here is how to post an image if you don't know it already. Posting a thumbnail as a teaser is fine.

3) Posting websites or journals for places to get cool clothes or accesories is awesome. Please share your knowledge!

4) That's all I can think of right now but if you have any suggestions please tell me!